COVID Safe Reception Ideas

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Wedding are different than we've ever seen before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With dance floor not being permitted currently in many states, the way we've come to expect a wedding to look is completely foreign now. We thought inlight of this situation, now would be a prime opportunity to introduce some of our favorite reception activities both you and your guests will love! Here are our top five reception alternatives to dancing:  
Shoe Game
The Shoe Game: No surprise there, the shoe game is absolutely adorable and will make your guests laugh and chime with “awww” as you answer a variety of questions about your relationship and one another. If you have yet to see this sweet game in action, you and your new spouse sit back to back, you each have one of the shoes you were wearing as well as the one of the shoes of your spouse. Your DJ, maid of honor, or best man will read a list of questions; common questions include things like who is more likely to be late, who steals all of the covers at night, or who chews the loudest. At each question you raise the shoe (or shoes) of who you believe best fits the answer to the question. The game always ends with a sweet question along the lines of who do you love more than anyone in the world. 


Table Rush: We’ve really only begun seeing this trend more recently but it’s definitely a favorite for us! The rules are simple; with the help of your DJ choose a song (you’ll want something a little longer), the song acts as a timer. You have that long to rush to each table and we’ll get a photo of you guys with Table Rush
the guests at that table. Your guests are encouraged to be silly with these quick shots. It’s a great way to get a photo with each of your guests!


Anniversary Slideshow: If you’re heartbroken over the idea of not being able to honor your grandparents’, relatives’, or friends’ many years of dedication in their marriages with the anniversary dance, fear not! When hunting down RSVP’s ask your married guests their wedding date and to send you a single photo of them from their wedding. Compile them into a slideshow with what would have been your choice of song for the anniversary dance. Your DJ can make a special announcement about it, having the couple married the longest stand for an applause and then have the slideshow play on loop throughout the reception.

Charity Cake Smash:
This is a great alternative to the money dance and an excuse to have a memorable cake cutting! Have your maid of honor and best man (though any attendant will work, as long as one represents you and the other will represent your now spouse) go around to each table and collect cash from your guests. This could be to help with your honeymoon or perhaps, be donated to a charity you two particularly love and support. Whoever collects the most money (maid of honor for bride or best man for groom) will determine who gets a free pass for smashing cake in the other’s face. So, should the maid of honor collect most the bride would get to smash cake in the groom’s face; she obviously has the option to not but she gets the chance to if she’s like. The groom though would have to politely feed her without smashing it and vice versa for if the best man collected the most money. Be sure your maid of honor/ best man informs your guests who’s basket they are donating to so they can help decide who will win the free pass. 

Watching Love Grow: Unity ceremonies have been popular for years now and are normally worked into the ceremony itself. This sweet idea takes the tree ceremony trend and turns it into a group activity. On a table near your guest book and card box, set up a container with a sapling in it and next to it a container of dirt with a small cup. Each guest should pour a cup of the dirt into the container with the sapling. It’s so easy so forget how we rely on the support of those around us when it comes to our marriage. When you watch this tree grow over the years you’ll remember how each guest helped plant it, supporting its growth, just as they’ve supported your marriage. Once all guests have had the opportunity to pour in some dirt, you and your new spouse will water the tree. 


We understand how truly unusual these time are and are so honored to be able to still capture your special day, even if it isn't the way you had envisioned. So much of planning a wedding and marriage in general (pandemic or not) is around adjusting expectations and compromising. At the end of the day though, whether you celebrate in your backyard with 10 people or have a giant party of over one hundred, you will be spending the rest of your life with the person you love more than anyone else in the world. That is the most beautiful part of any wedding. 


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